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The most common procedure performed, a dental cleaning, serves as the forefront to optimal oral health. At our practice, you can expect a dental cleaning that is not only thorough, but also professional.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Our dentist or certified dental hygienist will perform 3 basic procedures that make up a dental cleaning:

  • Calculus control
    Our dentists will use specific tools that are designed to wash away any calculus, or tartar, that has accumulated on your teeth. Tartar resides above and just below your gum line and must be removed in order to prevent tooth decay.
  • Hand instruments
    After our dentist uses a pressurized tool to blast away calculus, they will then use another hand instrument to further remove any remaining tartar.
  • Polishing
    After your teeth have been given a fresh clean, the dentist will use an abrasive substance that further removes plaque, while also removing minor surface stains for a completely fresh look. The polishing substance is flavorful so that children can enjoy it.

It is very hard to achieve excellent teeth without visiting your dentist at least twice a year for a routine dental cleaning. This is because traditional brushing methods are unable to remove tartar, though plaque prevention is still possible.

Periodontal Therapy in Oxnard, CA

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is quite common in America, accounting for roughly ¾ of adult tooth loss. Simply put, periodontal disease is a form of decay. With any type of decay, if it is left ignored, it will get more and more severe until in this case, your tooth completely falls out on its own. This would be a very painful process.

Causes of Gum Disease

The cause of almost all gum disease cases is bacteria. Our mouth is loaded with a lot of bacteria that find their way in between the gaps of our teeth. Not all bacteria are bad; in fact it is considered healthy to have a balance. However, when too much bacteria offset this balance, then we begin to see plaque buildup that leads to Periodontitis and Gingivitis.

In short, gum disease is caused by a lack of dental home care hygiene. Routine brushing and flossing practices may effectively manage this bacterium.

In-Office Treatments for Gum Disease

When at home treatments have not provided results, then you must turn to your dentist for assistance.

First Approach

  1. Professional dental cleaning – a professional dental cleaning is different from one received at home because the dentist (or hygienist) have tools that remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line.
  2. Scaling and root planning – a deep cleaning procedure that involves the scraping away of plaque and tartar deep under the gum line. Anesthesia may need to be applied.

Second Approach

If the first approach procedures have not provided relief or if your gum disease is at a point where swift action is needed, then you may be considered to a specialist for various oral surgery procedures.

  • Pocket reduction surgery – also called flap surgery, this procedure involves lifting the gums back to remove the presence of tartar.
  • Bone grafts – performed to replace fragments of bone that may have been lost to periodontal disease decay. In severe cases, bone surgery may be recommended.
  • Gum grafts – performed to replace gums that may have receded as a result of gum disease.

Reverse Gingivitis and Gum Disease Today!

If you suspect that you are suffering from periodontal disease and it does not seem to be improving through daily oral care, then please schedule an appointment with our Las Vegas dentists by calling us @ phone or contacting us online. Gum disease is very treatable and manageable, waiting will only worsen your case.